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Monday, June 6, 2011

What does Time Warner on demand offer

Now it is time to see all the movies, sports and original content you need, whenever you want. By using Time Warner on demand, the programs you need are always a remote click away, at any part of the day or evenings. Using this services, you get the benefit of VCR-like functionality without needing one. With the push of a key on your digital remote, you can pause, rewind, and even fast-forward Movies On Demand – anytime you need to. You can not get that from satellite!


Time Warner on demand has a large collection of selected channels and you can pick the one to watch from at any time of day or night. Even more, it gives you the possibility to decide what to watch directly from the inside of your own living room and at  the time you want to do it. You also enjoy complete control of how a movie or program will run on your TV. So, if you want to go forward, rewind, pause so you can keep watching at some other time or even stop entirely what you have selected, then it is all upon you to choose. The perfect thing is that whatever you require it to do is done instantly and all the unimaginable programs are available. For more fun, you are able to add a channel or preferred program to your individual programming list that will give you the chance to watch you favorite channels faster and better.

Movies on Demand services offered by Time Warner on Demand

You can get access to thousands of movies instantly – from new releases, hit movies to your favorite classic film. And, you can make your movie choice in the solace of your own home at any time. Do you want to watch it later? You will have complete access to your movie for up to 24 hours since the buy.

There is no planning, no schedules, no waiting, no closing times – this is your best candidate for genuine home movie entertainment. You can forget about going to the video store in unfavourable weather, finding parking spaces, waiting in lines or movies that went out of stock.

And, because you can pause, rewind and fast-forward live as you watch – it works just like a regular VCR or DVD player, without having to buy any extra equipment.

It is the ideal choice in home movie entertainment because you can watch all the movies and shows you want, when you want to see them. You do not have to worry about returns or associated late fees that may incur.

Time Warner premiums On Demand

You can instantly view previous episodes – watch your favorite shows and movies, original programming, remarkable documentaries and sporting events. It is like having your own personal film and TV library!

There are no more setting your VCR or making it record the show for you – start the movie whenever you want, and watch it as for as long as you want. You have complete access to your show for up to 24 hours.

There is no expensive equipment to buy because all of the necessary devices are already available to you from Time Warner On Demand.

All for one low monthly subscription fee you get unlimited, On Demand admittance to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and The Movie Channel. However, you must have an additional subscription to these premium channels to have access to the On Demand services.

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