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Monday, June 6, 2011

American Eagle Gift and mobile Cards

American eagle Card is a product of American Eagle Outfitters which is renowned for quality apparel, footwear, jeans and accessories for women and men. You may find many brands of your choice at a reasonable price.

Busy and confused while shopping for a gift? Make an effort for custom-made gift, by American eagle gift card. In this entire field, American eagle cards will offer you with most stylish and trendy choices. To know about new offers and discounts on American eagle cards log on to for fresh arrivals section, Web special deals, and AE clearance discounts etc.,

You can use American eagle card for shopping in clothes selections such as jeans, underwear, t-shirts, pants, shirts, skirts, swim-wear, hats and sportswear. At you can get immense American Eagle Outfitters accessories like sunglasses, belts, jewelry, scarves, wallets, bags, socks or leggings and perfumes. American Eagle Outfitters shoes options consist of boots, casual shoes, athletic shoes and flip flops, which you can order online with the help of American eagle gift cards.

Black Friday madness, so many stores are joining this madness, American Eagle Outfitters have offered an attractive and amazing declaration. They are introducing a new mobile gift card for the vacations. You may opt from four different designs of American eagle gift cards then add a private message and send it to the receiver's phone number. You can use it either in-store or online. The mobile gift card scheme is also be connected through Facebook so the receiver will also get a message on their Facebook account too.

Mobile gift cards are a fraction of the American Eagle Outfitters wide-ranging mobile business scheme. As a selection of lifestyle brands, the corporation struggles to connect with consumers whether they are at home, school, work, or at the mall. American eagle gift cards never expire, and do not contain any kind of fees or charges.

The corporation has amalgamated with Transaction Wireless, a principal supplier of essential and mobile gift cards, to influence its mobile gift card offers. Transaction Wireless original wGift skill proposal facilitates the effortless, secure purchase of virtual gift cards straight from any digital device, as well as from any internet-enabled mobile phone. The company's wSocial platform enables social gifting. TW's platform is turnkey and completely scalable to help companies and brands quickly and easily keep up with the ever-changing mobile and social media landscape. The cards are stored safely, which helps to ensure the gifts will be used rather than lost or forgotten.

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