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Monday, June 6, 2011

Time Warner on demand now has an iPhone app

Being one of the most popular digital cable TV provider for around 23 million people in the US Time Warner has subscribers in 27 states. It offers among other features Movies on Demand that gives film lovers an opportunity to view selected movies anytime they feel like. For those who have a hearing impairing there is a choice of subtitles available with many Time Warner on demand selections that can come in handy in helping you enjoy your favorite movies and programs. With the right hardware and connections you can be able to operate them.


Time Warner on Demand also developed a outstanding iPad application that will allow subscribers to watch a popular TV show on demand, no matter where they are amongst other intriguing functionalities.

Launched recently, the free TWCable TV app is able to stream the live cable feed to the iPad using a Wi-Fi connection, so that people can catch their favorite movies from any part the house. This application,  was initially announced in an online video by Time Warner's Vice President of Web Services, Jason Gaedtke. The application offers popular content for subscribers to view in their region.

According to Gaedtke, the basic goals of the app are allowing users to publish and watch content on the iPad, as well as completely control the video experience from the living room. To accomplish that, users can search for the show on that they want to see and click the watch now button. After doing so, the display on the client's Time Warner Cable box is automatically changed to that channel.

Time Warner Cable's decision to make and add an iPad app into the mix is most probably a response to the iPad app Comcast released earlier this year. That application allows users to see what is on, change channels on the cable box, and even record content directly from the app. However, it also includes a social element, giving users the possibility to "share" a show they are watching with all their friends. When accepting the sharing invitation, the friends' TVs will instantly tune to the same channel, so they also can watch the show.

Once you have agreed to get the program selected, authorize the order by entering the personal identification number and everything will be finished. After completion, a confirmation message will be sent to you that will contain useful information on when your show is expected to run. However, you will have only one day to watch it as its lifespan is limited to only 24 hours. Once it expires, you can get it again by repeating the same mentioned process. You also have the other possibility of doing your Time Warner on Demand programming online by visiting the website of the service. Through this means, you can get the all important list of the programs you need in a faster and also easier way.

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